Custom Fields Overview

What Can I do with Custom Fields in TeamPlatform?

  • Configure Requirements and Standardize Communication for a Workspace
  • Use Custom Fields in a Template to Standardize Across Workspaces
  • Define a set of project meta fields and save them in a workspace template. Field entry can be triggered on the creation and closing of the workspace, or when new files are uploaded, making it pain free to record and communicate important project parameters.

Why Use Custom Fields?

  • Standard projects, like service projects, become more efficient when basic requirements are shared with all stakeholders.
  • When a Workspace is Created, you can force Custom Fields to be filled in.  This makes it Easier to Standardize Across Workspaces.

Examples of Custom Fields

  • Data format
  • Maximum dimensions
  • Budget limit 
  • Location or department 
  • Formal Details 
  • Target delivery date

  • Use an existing Custom Field, or define a new one for your team
  • Begin typing the name to select an existing Custom Field.
  • Manage Custom Field's dates across workspaces with the Calendar
  • Custom Fields and templates work together
  • Apply templates to add a series of Custom Fields
  • A series of Custom Fileds can be saved to a new template
Managing Custom Fields
  • Settings Tab provides access to labels.  (Click on Settings > Custom Fields)
  • Add, Delete, Edit Custom Fields

Automatically Applying Custom Fields
  • Use a Workspace Template to Automatically Apply Custom Fields to New or Existing Workspaces.  
  • Custom Fields in the Template will be applied to the workspace. 

Can Custom Fields be Shared Outside of my Team?
  • Yes, Custom Fields can be shared, however the Custom Field belongs to a Team Domain.  Only members of the Team can Configure a Custom Field.
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