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Work with CAD, Assemblies and 3D Scans Online

Explore a wide variety of tools for CAD, Assemblies, and 3D Scan Data which make searching, discussing, sharing, and viewing fast and simple, all without leaving the web-browser.  Use the web-viewer to view 3D models online, measure, or annotate drawings. You also can navigate assemblies and search metadata of all major CAD formats like SolidWorks, Pro/E or CATIA.  Tools are fast, powerful, and available completely within the browser.

Explore Tools for CAD, Assemblies and 3D

  1. Upload a 3D CAD Assembly to a workspace or open a workspace with a sample assembly.  All new CAD files are automatically processed to generate views which can be opened in the browser.  
  2. Click “Properties” to view file properties, metadata and geometric values extracted from the 3D geometry. This includes measurements such as volume, surface area and bounding box height which can be useful in material cost and quoting estimates.
  3. Click “Dependencies” to view “Where Used” and “Has Components” relationships between drawings, components, sub-assemblies and assemblies.
  4. Click “View Assembly Tree” to view assembly structure and metadata fields of the model. You can choose the metadata fields (custom property fields) to show.  You can export the table to be used in a BOM or for further analysis.
  5. Click “3D View” with any 3D file to open the online web-viewer.  You can then take measurements and save screenshots.  Screenshots will be saved to the same folder of the workspace.  You can also save views.  Hiding components of assembly, including transparency, and exploding is possible.
  6. Drawings formats are supported in a high performance vector format.  Open any drawing within the files tab and you will be able to see the drawing.
  7. You can annotate on model views, images or drawings, and comment on any file. To add an annotation, press the "Annotate" button, which appears in the model view.  When you add a comment or annotate, an email notification message is sent to members of the workspace.
  8. New versions are tracked automatically. You can check earlier file versions by clicking "Revisions( )" if other revisions exist.  You'll also be able to web-view previous versions of the file, including 3D views, and reverting a version back to the previous version can be accomplished by clicking 'revert'.
  9. Apply File Labels to categorize a model or file’s state (ex: Under-review, In-progress).  Labels can help manage different stages of design or file's lifecycle, or generally help keep track of multiple files and allow quick searching.  Multiple labels can be applied to a single file, labels are only visible to members of your team (and not other teams or guests), and labels can be managed in Settings > Labels.

Overview of CAD, Assemblies and 3D Tools

  • All major CAD formats are supported including:
    • SolidWorks, Autodesk Inventor, PTC Creo/Wildfire, Siemens NX, CATIA, neutral file formats such as IGES, STEP, JT, Parasolid, STL, VRML and therefore their respective extensions such as sldasm prt asm catproduct iam igs iges stp step x_t x_b sldprt sat 3dxml cgr model session dlv exp catpart mf1 arc unv jt xmt xmt_txt par pwd psm neu xas xpr ipt ifc prc u3d, prt.1, prt.2, stl, ply, ctm
    • Drawing formats including dwg and dxf
    • 3D Scan or Mesh formats such as Rapidform and FARO and therefore their respective extensions such as xov, xor, rwl, fls, fws, pts, ptx, sab, etc.
    • Note: Please contact support most recent or more detailed file compatibility
  • Newly uploaded files are automatically processed to create online views, extract model properties (metadata)
  • Assembly relationships are automatically tracked
  • Versions are tracked automatically
  • 3D Scan Data and Mesh formats are supported
  • Non-CAD and non-3d formats such as Videos, Audio, Doc (pdf, docx, pptx, etc.), Adobe, and Image are also processed for instant online views.


Some of the tools available for uploaded assemblies.


Button locations and capabilities for Assemblies


Annotation and Commenting. The file is an image (PNG) screenshot taken from the 3d view.

Annotations can be placed on drawings as well. 

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