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Part of the beauty of hosting projects online is in how easy it can be to get updates and stay on track. Collaborators have the ability to both view and update Gantt schedules, post file revisions, and write collaboratively including aggregate files across folders to convey unified messages to their team. Teams engages in regular weekly meetings find meetings become quicker and more meaningful when using TeamPlatform to track activity and make planning decisions.

Run an Efficient, Easy-to-Manage Project using Workspaces

  1. Create a workspace, task-list or schedule, and upload project files.  Projects are contained in workspaces. You can create a workspace starting from a template (in Workspaces > Templates), by copying an existing workspace (in an existing workspace under Overview > Workspace Actions > Copy), or by creating a blank workspace.
  2. Invite your project team to the workspace and assign tasks. Tasks are in the tasks tab, and you can add task dependencies, set working hours, add user assignment, insert comments, and add memos.
  3. Let your team know they should update the Gantt chart and tasks regularly. Updating tasks, files, and status is easy. Users can log-in to TeamPlatform and update their tasks. Users are limited to only update tasks they own or have been assigned, so you don't need to worry about the wrong person updating the wrong task. Look back at workspace history Overview > Activity History.
  4. Use @mention-links and pages to create connections between items within the project. Simply type "@" followed by the name of the file you are trying to link to. Choose the file and an @mention-link will be created across both items, making manual associations easy to understand.
  5. Add a workspace comment to send automatic notifications to everyone in the team. Comments, @mentions, annotations, replies and new file updates automatically generate workspace notifications to keep your team notified. A daily and weekly digest will keep you up-to-date and summarize notifications.
  6. Track activity at a glance with workspace activity history and dashboard. The dashboard shows the latest activity in "widgets". You can customize widget to show only the information your interested in, each user can customize their own widget, and the administrator can even share widgets that they create.
  7. Apply workspace labels or use workspace custom fields to categorize a project’s state. For example, you can create labels for project, product of file lifecycle, and apply the labels progressively to files during their lifecycle.
  8. The Desktop Workspace Manager helps keep files in Sync. You and other stakeholders will always have the latest files on your PC.

Overview of Projects in TeamPlatform:

  • Control project accessibility with workspace invites and Read-Only settings
  • Stakeholders can update all project content, including Gantt charts and files
  • Notifications are automatically sent to stakeholders
  • Link files to tasks with @mention-links
  • Used shared pages to share with non-users
  • Manage Tasks, Users, Files across workspaces at a glance with the Dashboard and Daily Digest

Manage Relationships between Files, Assemblies, Schedules and People all in one place.  Use @mention links to connect content across the platform.  Stay synced with the DWM.  Maintain oversight with the Dashboard and All Tasks views.  Allow other stakeholders to update project status in a collaborative Gantt Chart.  Keep non-technical stakeholders in the loop with online views of documents and 3D files (no software required).


Use File Labels to indicate file status, comments, to discuss files.  Versions are automatically associated to the user who uploaded.


Collaborative Commenting on items, including "@mention-links" to create intelligent links between items.


Email Notifications are sent automatically upon task assignment.  Only the person who created the task or has been assigned the task is allowed to update it's status or any task parameters.


Full Gantt view makes visualization and modifying tasks simple with pull and push operations.

Manage schedules, dependencies, tasks assignment, working hours, percent complete, and more within a workspace.

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