Sync files and folders with the DWM

Sync existing project folders, then view and share online

Complete project folders, including CAD, Drawings, Video, Docs (such as Excel, PPT, Word) can be synced to TeamPlatform meaning all files can be viewed online and instantly shared.  Allow the sync to work on existing project folders overnight - in the morning your folders will have turned into an online project vault that can be fully searched, shared, and leveraged towards your next project or design.  The sync client is called the TeamPlatform DWM (short for Desktop Workspace Manager).  For an even more detailed sync feature list and to download, check here: TeamPlatform DWM (Desktop Workspace Manager)

Sync your Files to Workspaces

In a matter of minutes you can transform files on your PC into collaborative workspaces.  Multiple users can easily share thousands of large and small files which are synced with automatic versioning and file previews are generated automatically. 

  1. Download and Install the Desktop Workspace Manager.  Here is the link to download:
  2. Create new workspaces using your current project folders. When you add a folder to the Sync Directory, it will create a new workspace. When you sync to a workspace, it will create a new top level folder.
  3. Press Start Sync to begin syncing your files with TeamPlatform. If sync has not been started, then you will not sync files.
  4. Uploaded files will be automatically processed so they can be shared and viewed online. 

With desktop sync, your TeamPlatform content can be synced to your desktop computer, where you can also search, and respond to messages without opening a browser window.  Updates are synced across the entire team keeping everyone up to date.  If you make small changes to a big file, TeamPlatform is smart enough to only update the changed part of the file, using your bandwidth and time efficiently.


TeamPlatform DWM Sync Overview:

  • Folders can be synced to workspaces using the installed application DWM
  • Multiple users can sync to workspaces but only if they have been invited to a workspace
  • Workspace Files can be accessed via web-browser as well
  • Newly synced files are automatically processed to create online views


Sync Files to Workspaces using the DWM.  Files, Folders, comments and versions are maintained.
DWM is short for Desktop Workspace Manager. 

Availability of Sync

To use Sync, the user must be a part of a team. Sync is not available to guests in Read-Only workspaces.

Availability of the DWM

Users who are part of a team can use the DWM to sync files* within workspaces

  • Enterprise Teams
  • Pro Teams
  • Basic Teams


*If a user is invited to a workspace by another team and the workspace is set as Read-only, the user cannot sync to the workspace.

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