Add a New Member / Ask for Design Feedback

Get design feedback from a team member

Get feedback on a design from a team member or your entire team.  Data management and collaboration tools in TeamPlatform provide annotations, commenting, versioning and notification allowing you to share and collaborate on files and stay more organized than you possibly could with emails-attachments, FTP or network attached storage. Work closely and communicate with each other easily, together on TeamPlatform.

Once shared, your team member will be able to add comments and annotations which will be stored with every design iteration.  Online web-viewing means instant access to high resolution CAD, renderings or ideation sketches keeping discussions quick and constructive.

Add a new Team Member to Get Feedback on your Design

  1. Create a workspace. Workspaces are a lot like projects and they store files, comments, tasks and more. You can get feedback on a file by creating and uploading it to a workspace.
  2. Upload Design Files. You can drag or drop design files to the workspace. They will be processed automatically to generate online-viewable formats that other can view and provide feedback on.
  3. Add a new member to your team. You can add a new member by visiting the User's panel and adding a new team member (Users > Members > Add Member).
  4. Share the workspace with the new team member. After you've added a new member, you can invite the member to the workspace. If the workspace has already been shared with your entire team, then the new member will be invited automatically by virtue of his membership to your team. Alternately you can simply invite a guest to the workspace by entering their email and if they don't have a user account, then one will be generated for them automatically.
  5. Request feedback by leaving a comment in the workspace. The person invited to the workspace will receive a workspace invite via email and a one-click link to gain access to the workspace containing the file. You might want to add a comment to the file (for example: "What do you think?"), thereby soliciting feedback on a specific file.  You can also assign a team member a task, using an @mention-link to associate the task to a specific file or set of files needing review.
  6. Get feedback with comments, replies, and annotations. People invited to the workspace have the ability to leave comments, replies, resolve issues, and upload new file versions or upload new files altogether. If the Read-only option is turned on, then visitors will only be able to view workspaces and cannot add their own thoughts, feedback or ideas to the workspace.
  7. New versions are automatically tracked. If anyone uploads a new file or file version, then their username will be associated with the uploaded file. You can always view past files, or revert back to an older file.





Add new team members to your team by entering their email address. Team members are typically people within your company. 

Share a workspace with users including members and guests. New users have an account generated for them automatically.

Getting Feedback Overview

  • Invite anyone to Workspace to access files and give feedback. Just type in their email address.
  • Comments, Replies, Annotations, Resolves, Tasks are just a few types of ways to get feedback
  • Sharing with a New team member?  Make sure to add them to your Team first!

file view and annotation anatomy.jpg

Some controls for providing model feedback.

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